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After Croydon’s cattle market moved from central Croydon to what is now Drovers Road in 1851, Junction Road was established and is first listed in John Gray’s 1853 Commercial & General Directory of the Town of Croydon. Although the title page of the Directory states 1853, most directories were compiled the year before publication so it is likely to represent the affairs of late 1852.

The first mention of the Crown & Sceptre is in 1855, listed in Gray & Warren’s Commercial & General Directory of the Town of Croydon as the Little Crown, beer shop, John Histed, along with a further seven other properties, including Hope Cottages, all located on the south side of Junction Road.

The pub was originally known as the Little Crown and opened (circa) 1854 as a secondary occupation by John Histed (1811-1891), a locally born carpenter. As he did not have a license for wines or spirits it was ran as a beer shop by his wife Ann (nee Beadle), whose father Nathanael had been a publican.

A pewter tankard (circa 1820) and inscribed, J Histed, Crown, Junction Rd, Croydon, is on display within the pub

In 1869 it was known for the first time as the Crown and Sceptre, belonging to John Lewis. However in 1874 it became known as the Crown Beer House, run by Charles Murrell.

During the next nineteen years it changed hands every two or three years.

1876 Crown Beer House W Stone
1878 Crown Beer House Edwin Cotterill
1882 The Crown M M Morium
1887 The Crown William Peters
1890 The Crown Edgar Brook
1891 Crown & Sceptre Mark Masters
1898 Crown & Sceptre William Todman
1900 Crown & Sceptre George Brook
1901 Crown & Sceptre George Laker

After the turn of the century it seems to have settled down and we find that in 1906 the landlord was Henry Durbridge who remained in occupation until 1925 when the license was undertaken by Edwin C Durbridge, Henry’s son. However, this was fairly short lived as by 1928 there was a new landlord, George William Baker.

In 1937 the house was run by J Conning but was relinquished after two years. In 1939 the licensee was Mrs Beatrice Rose Harper who continued to run the Crown & Sceptre, certainly until 1955 and probably even later.

On the 21st April 1980 the pub was acquired by Fuller, Smith & Turner and run both as a tenancy and a managed house over the following 27 years until it finally became a lease for current licensees Karen and Matthew Newall on the 4th July 2007.{hotelid}?check_in_date={check_in_date}&check_out_date={check_out_date}